Adaptive Intervention

We create a plan that is unique to your weight-loss challenges and optimizes your metabolic, functional and behavioral health.

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms analyze multitude of data to customize your treatment and then adapt it based on daily inputs. Our adaptive intervention approach is to ensure that we respond as your body responds. The vision of GOM is backed up by years of research to close the gap between currently employed methods in weight loss and personalized medicine.

GOM is a digital health medical weight loss platform that is monitored by a doctor and a team of experts with daily, weekly and monthly check-ins. The Program is initiated with a 6 month active weight loss phase, followed by a maintenance phase in 6 month increments, which is evaluated periodically.

GOM is designed to provide comprehensive weight loss care at home with in-person video calls, text messages and a digital app.

This is how it works:

Visit and complete the detailed questionnaire about your weight, medical history, behaviours and goals. Receive your risk reports. Our proprietary algorithms will generate a tailored plan for you.

Download the GOM app.

step 1

Meet with your Coach over a phone or video call. Together you’ll create a healthy vision and set goals based on your values.

We’ll work out the details about what, where and how much to eat, what kind of activity to do and how to fit it into your schedule as well as how to create a healthy lifestyle with your life’s challenges.

Then get access to all of GOM’s tools included a connected scale, wearables and mobile based real time feedback. Additionally get your lab work and metabolic testing done.

step 2

Get coaching and accountability once you have put your plan into action and are able to track your habits everyday with our technology based tools.

You’ll have 24-hours access to support through text communication and human feedback, progress reports, downloadable lessons and optional private online support groups.

As you progress, our coach and Artificial Intelligence based algorithm will help you continually optimize your personal plan to reach your goals.