GOM and Mindfulness: A Journey of Self-Awareness

The Tibetan language equivalent “sgom” (pronounced “gom”) translates to “familiarizing oneself.”  With many interpretations and practices of this centuries old and complex construct, we at GOM keep it simple.  We use it to generate curiosity and then awareness of different areas of GOM’s Wheel of Health .  Often the concept of mindfulness and the practice of meditation are linked.  It is a fact that for thousands of years many cultures have used meditation as a healing practice.  The word “meditation” derives from Latin “meditari,” which means “to engage in contemplation or reflection.”

GOM Wheel of Health and Mindful Awareness
GOM – Wheel of Health


Mindfulness may have a positive influence on chronic conditions in the following ways:

  • increased motivation for lifestyle changes involving diet, physical activity, and behaviors
  • decreased perception of pain; increased ability to tolerate pain
  • reduced stress, anxiety, or depression
  • positive changes in biological pathways affecting health, such as the nervous system and the immune system
  • reduction in the use of medications for relief of pain, anxiety, or depression
  • improved compliance with medical treatment
  • improved interpersonal relationships and social connectedness

When it comes down to health, there is no magical fix.  However, with a mindfulness-centric approach, a comprehensive and evidence-based lifestyle modification program like GOM, and a team-based approach with focus on long-term success, we have leveled the playing field. 

As you embark on GOM’s mindfulness based journey with us, together with curiosity, mindful awareness, and without judgement, we will analyze your progress , apply our expertise and experience, and problem solve to achieve your vision of optimal health.  The result will be a healthy and happy you living life with peace of mind and ease of being.

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